About Me

Alexandra Rojas

Alexandra is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Registered Naturopathic Nutritionist interested in those suffering from the impact of chronic stress and stress related imbalances. Stress is the major cause of disease and her approach is tailored to support the nervous system as a first port of call to create a positive cascade of effects on all body systems. As the well-known analogy goes, if a sink is overflowing is wetting the floor, we need to first close or fix the tap; in her experience most symptoms tend to go away once we fix the tap i.e. work on our nervous system first.

  Her understanding of the impacts of stress are rooted in her personal life experiences, this includes adverse childhood events (ACE) and stress in later life which led her to experience burnout, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. It was only after decades of struggle, months bed bound with no energy and no answers from conventional doctors that she sought help from Functional Medicine practitioners. It was a turning point, after this she decided to study Naturopathic Nutrition and Functional Medicine and managed to overcome these conditions. Now she is medication free and continues to support herself through food, exercise and targeted supplementation.

In her view, root cause and systems medicine is the way forward to manage any chronic illness. She uses science where available to get faster results and relieve for her clients. Her studies in Functional Medicine provided deep knowledge in Functional Testing which she relies on to tailor her approach and protocols. She has completed advanced certifications in bioenergetics, hormones, cardiovascular and metabolism, immunity and GIT and microbiome; she is due to complete environmental health advance module in 2023, before seeking to become Board certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Alexandra is also very interested in ageing at a cellular level; having recently started several novel protocols herself, she has found that tackling the hallmarks of ageing can speed up the relieve of symptoms from chronic illness. This is an area she hopes to use with most of her clients while she helps them rebalance their health as many require further cellular support due to the high levels of oxidative stress as a consequence of years of chronic illness and stress.

If you are struggling with any chronic conditions or you feel stress is taking over your life, Alexandra can work with you on a tailored approach. She can help you regain your health or even gain the health you never knew you had; through nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation, she will go at the pace that is right for you. There is no one size fits all, in her approach strict diets, crazy workouts or tons of supplements don’t have a place, every intervention needs to be justified by a therapeutic aim. By providing knowledge to her clients on how to eat, move and supplement according to their body’s needs, she empowers them to build sustainable changes for life.

She lives in London with her family and two daughters.