Alexandra Rojas

My approach

1. Pre-session activities

Once you have decided to work with me, I ask all my clients to fill in a Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) and a 3-day food diary, this helps me prepare prior to to the consultation with an idea of what the chief complains are.

As part of the engagement I also ask all my clients to sign the consent forms under GDPR regulations.

2. First consultation

In our first hour together, we’ll go through your chief health concerns, family and medical history and do a thorough systems review. We’ll deep dive in how you fuel and hydrate your body, understand your work and lifestyle. These will help formulate hypothesis on where the potential imbalances are, nutritional status, shape the initial protocol, lifestyle intervention and inform relevant Functional testing*

You will have opportunity to ask questions, this session is aimed to be a lengthy conversation about you and how we can move forward together to help you feel better.


*Please note Functional testing is not mandatory, but it can be the best investment on yourself specially if you haven’t found the root cause for your symptoms.

3. The plan

I aim to do at least 3 hours of research on each client, which means you will have a tailored protocol that serves your body’s needs. I will deliver this a week after the initial consultation via email. It will contain four key parts:

(1) Nutritional recommendations

(2) Lifestyle advice

(3) Supplementation protocol

(4) Suggested Functional testing.

If you prefer the protocol delivered in a Zoom session, this can be requested as an add-on.

4. Testing & referrals

If we agree on moving forward with testing, I will send all required lab kits to your home address with instructions on how to perform the tests; in cases where I need clients to stop any supplements or foods prior to testing I will make this clear on the protocol. All payments are made directly to the labs and not via my practice; I provide a discount on testing to all my clients.

The laboratories I work with include Genova, Regenerus, Invivo, Doctor’s Data.

For genetic testing, I use LifecodeGX or Nordic Labs

As part of my holistic approach, I provide my clients with referrals to Acupuncture, Osteopathy, CBT, Reiki, IV treatments, Ozone therapy amongst others, where I assess these could benefit the speed of recovery.

5. Follow ups

After approximately 6 weeks, we will reconvene to discuss what worked well, what didn’t, how was the adherence to the protocol and effect this had on your day to day and main health concerns. If any new symptoms develop, we will review and deal with these as part of the follow up.

At this stage, if testing results are available, we will review this together and explain how we will tackle any markers out of balance. The new Protocol will include notes on all this as well as test results for your personal records.

I find working with clients for at least 3 – 6 months is the minimum to reinstate balance and see lasting results. In very complex cases, is common the engagement lasts for more than 6 months so we can work through different body systems and health concerns under a priority matrix.  This also helps us pace the interventions I’ll device and avoids fatigue from having to implement too many things at once.

6. Sign off

My aim is to see my clients for the time they need to be supported, I will sign off my clients based on the health concern tracking and questionaries results. You are always welcome to come back at any point and stage of life.