Alexandra Rojas

Functional Health

Chronic illnesses & Stress

Over 70% of the population lives in a state of chronic stress that impacts their physical and mental health. Understanding how chronic stress, a permanent flow of adrenaline and cortisol, impacts our wellbeing is key to restoring balance in an individual. Chronic elevated cortisol levels can lead to a systemic maladaptive response which then leads to inflammation, the hallmark of modern age illnesses.

Chronic stress will impact us all differently but it can lead to: autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, chronic pain (fibromyalgia, back pain), sex hormones imbalances, thyroid disorders, infertility, burnout, cancer and more.

I provide my clients with the tools to manage stress and become more resilient and also see opportunities to reduce their stress burden. Working on both sides of the equation yields results outperforming any single intervention.

Ageing & Performance

It’s no news we have managed to add years to our lives with all the developments in the last century but I’d argue we haven’t added quality to our years. I would like to live to 100 with the energy to spend with those I love and doing, playing, singing, dancing what I enjoy.  This is where we can capitalize on the theory of ageing, so we can keep our bodies and cells in the best shape for longer so we can perform at our best.

There is plenty of ways to do this, interventions like fasting, hydrotherapy, caloric restriction, supplements that target ageing pathways, IV therapy, peptide therapy etc can be incredible tools. All of this can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs and stage of life.

Group consultations [In 2024]

There is plenty of research confirming group consultations can lead to better outcomes, for one there is the community aspect that is built around a common ailment , sharing experiences to those who are in your shoes day in day out, as well as the accountability that enables long lasting change.

The first group consultations will start in March 2024 – Chronic stress. Register your interest below.